Digital Tamil Studies Research Catalogue

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Tamil Canadian Built Environments

The Tamil Built Environment project explores places of personal, social, religious, economic, and cultural interest and value to the Tamil-speaking diaspora residing in Canada. The first phase of the project begins with the scope of Greater Toronto Area (GTA), home to one of the largest diasporic concentrations of Tamil Sri Lankans in the world (Cheran 2000), most of whom have fled to Canada since the onset of the Sri Lankan Civil War (1983-2009). Places in the GTA’s built environment catalogued here represent the re-makings of home for Tamil Sri Lankans displaced from war, as well as for earlier Tamil migrants, non-Sri Lankan Tamil migrants from India, Singapore, and other areas of South Asia, and succeeding generations of Tamil-Canadians. The project currently takes the form of a databases and addresses, as well as particular associations of relevance to researchers and the general public. 

Legacies of Tamil Slavery Working Group

Between 1818 and 1832, British colonial officials recorded the names of more than 20,000 enslaved people living on the island of Ceylon. This registry is arguably the single most important archival source for understanding enslavement in Sri Lanka and among Tamil-speaking peoples. The Legacies of Tamil Slavery Working Group formed in July 2022 to transcribe this registry and to think collaboratively with descendants of the enslaved about an interactive public resource with which to teach about Sri Lanka’s history of enslavement and its relationship to contemporary caste oppression.