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Passionate about Tamil? Contribute your voice!

Read and validate Tamil sentences to contribute to the development of open Tamil voice technologies.

Tamil Common Voice is undertaking the work to develop and release datasets that anyone can use. Currently, there is less than 25 hours of validated hours of voice data for Tamil. We need a minimum 300 validated hours of voice data.  Let's make our small contribution towards to reach this goal.

We will be able to develop Tamil speech recognition, Tamil speech synthesis and other related accessibility technologies.

Please go to the Tamil Common Voice platform to read and validate sentences.

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Mozilla Tamil Nadu, Kaniyam Foundation, Noolaham Foundation, Tamil Wiki, Annamalai Canada, UTSC Library

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What else are you doing?

At UTSC Library, we are participating as part of our larger Tamil Digital Studies Project, which seeks to promote Tamil Digital Scholarship, and develop an intellectually focused digital content hub that will encourage Tamil Studies scholarship. Follow our work in Open Data by visiting our catalog. However, a wide network of staff and volunteers have worked hard to find open texts, extract appropriate sentences, review, validate and add them to Mozilla’s Common Voice project. This is a group project that has also created open datasets and scripts that might be useful in other contexts and that are available on Github.