The UTSC Library is open to partnerships that forward Tamil Digital Scholarship and enrich our Tamil collections. We would also be happy to feature initiatives that are happening outside of the library, but that contribute to the enrichment of Tamil resources and scholarship on the open web. Email if you would like to discuss featuring your initiatives, or partnering with the library.

The Digital Tamil Studies project at the UTSC library aims to develop an intellectually focused digital content hub that will encourage Tamil studies scholarship, and enable collaboration with faculty members for the purpose of mentoring and teaching skills that relate to best practices involved in the building and use of digital archival materials.
Wikidata is a” free and open knowledge base that can be read and edited by both humans and machines.” As part of the UTSC Library’s work with the PCC Wikidata Pilot we have made contributions to enrich the presence of Tamil terms and resources in Wikidata. A summary of contributions is available on the Wikidata Platform.
The Digital Tamil Studies project maintains a Github repository of code, scripts, and texts that may be useful to those studying Digital Tamil Studies.  
The Digital Tamil Studies discussion forum is intended to be an open, public forum for sharing and discussing topics related to digital Tamil studies, scholarship, libraries, archives and related fields.  It is moderated by the Digital Tamil Studies project team, based at the University of Toronto Scarborough Library. This team is composed of colleagues at UTSC and partners in the Tamil community.  The forum is intended to foster a community of practice across institutional boundaries.  All are welcome!
Passionate about Tamil? Contribute your voice! Read and validate Tamil sentences to contribute to the development of open Tamil voice technologies. Tamil Common Voice is undertaking the work to develop and release datasets that anyone can use. Currently, there is less than 25 hours of validated hours of voice data for Tamil. We need a minimum 300 validated hours of voice data.  Let's make our small contribution towards to reach this goal.